LYK002 – Electroscope / Stasola

Format : 7″
Limited to 500 copies
Rel. date : jul. 1999



  • Where Pinguins Are A Force For Good
  • Turbine


  • Cars and 4K
  • Jazz’N off Cender


Of course the title here is in danger of overshadowing the music, but that MUST NOT happen – this isn’t what you might expect from Electroscope, certainly their name suggests to this listener something more experimental..but fear nor, they haven’t mutated into Texas or something, in fact with female vocals this is a little remeniscent of PJ Harvey, with slide guitar and strings augmenting the slightly eerie feel (also shades of Vazz, older readers will doubtless recall). Second track is more like the Electroscope of old, and the other side of this split single should also please, being in a simlar vein – electronic noodlings courtesy of French chums Stasola.

Stuart McHugh. Jockrock. Septembre 99

Tandis qu’Electroscope, duo mixte et écossais, s’échine à concentrer Ornette Coleman, le chant de tête anglais et l’esprit planant du rock allemand dans de courtes compositions branques où s’emmêlent guitare, violon et clarinette, Stasola (projet parallèle de Ludo, entendu chez Lithium) préfère le panoramique et les climats asthmatiques, ravivant au passage l’esprit de Syd Barret le fantastique.

Marie-Pierre BONNIOL. Nouvelle Vague #49. Février 2000