LYK003 – Matthieu Messagier / Stasola / François Michaud

Rel. date : september 2000
Format: 7″
Limited to 400 copies

Here is the first collaboration between two associations from Besançon, France : this split 7″ with Stasola and François Michaud puts music onto the adventurous writing of Matthieu Messagier.

Born in 1949, Matthieu Messagier has been writing since he was a child and he has been published by Pauvert, Bourgois, Seghers, Fata Morgana, Flammarion…..
After being a member of the electric generation, he then focuses on the forests, which have become one of his main sources of inspiration. « 12 Illusions Imbriquées » is the first musical interpretation based on Matthieu Messagier’s world. Far from being a simple reading of the text, it is more like the creation of an atmosphere in which the poetry exists by itself, either due to the the author’s voice, or to his silence, depending on the record’s side. It is in fact closer to William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg than to Jean Cocteau : the poet offers his own voice to serve the poetry and not to make it his own.

Benjamin Cutivet is an elusive man. He was thought to be fond of weird pop and space rock and yet he is back with electronic and trip hop music. For his reinterpretation of « 12 Illusions Imbriquées », Stasola explores the hazardous spheres of noisy electronica. However he doesn’t get rid of his favourite instruments – guitars and keyboards – and pays a tribute to Black Lung, Fennesz and Alec Empire by playing with their musical codes. Benjamin keeps enjoying himself and that is why his music is so captivating. he behaves like a kid trying to achieve all his whims and he manages to create a very personal music that the fans of playful and exicting music will like immediately.

After the bands Ca plait aux filles and neil (on Rosebud), François Michaud, now makes music by himself, and it is at the crossroads between easy listening and French pop , stuck between Hall WiIlner and Michel Houellebecq, he takes the opposing of the poetry before serving it. He gives a playful interpretation of Matthieu Messagier’s poetic work with simplicity and humor.



  • (La mémoire) Afflige l’oubli

François Michaud

  • 12 illusions imbriquées